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never say never.

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Before Her was the Spike Jonze love story, there was I’m Here, a short film inspired by Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree and set in a world where robots and humans coexist. The film, which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, stars Andrew Garfield as Sheldon, a lonely robot who finds meaning in his seemingly mundane existence when he meets the life-of-the-party, accident-prone Francesca.

The “Divergent” Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters

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the Hannibal fandom is my favourite fandom because everyone is so friendly and if someone is rude they just eat them like go you Hannibal fandom

Don't Feed the Rude


It seems that lately people have been more apt to attack our ships or just basically bring hate into this otherwise very loving fandom family!

If you get hate mail or see posts attacking your ships (be you a hannigram, hannibloom, wilana, etc.)—DO NOT FEED THE RUDE by responding to their hate….


I recognise that people are upset with the divergent comments on the hunger games.

But sending hate to another fandom is not dedication, it’s just plain disgusting.

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Help the ratings! Watch the Hannibal here,please!

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Can I just— Say something?

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The Hannibal fandom kindly invites all fandoms of Tumblr to join us and Save Will Graham. We are currently in our second season of Hannibal and we are hoping for season 3 and more seasons after that. All we have to do is increase the ratings and with your help, we can make it happen.

|How you can help us.|


►If you are an American viewer, try your best to watch it live. This is very important.  If you are from outside the US, you can watch the episodes on NBC or Hulu. You do however, need to install this extension.

The show airs on Friday at 10/9c on NBC.

Live Tweeting/Blogging: Tag #Hannibal as much as you can during the show and follow NBC Hannibal on Tumblr and Twitter for more tags. They are absolutely amazing to follow and live tweeting/blogging with them is the best experience ever.

The creator of the show Bryan Fuller will also be joining the live tweet. He is the greatest person in the world.

►For more info, visit this page.

If you haven’t watch Hannibal before, give it a try and we will see you on Friday at 10/9c. Free people food served.